Licenses & Safety

Licenses & Certifications Currently held by DMSI:

State of Florida Underground & Excavation Contractor – Lic# CUC 044220
State of Florida Board of Professional Engineers – Lic# 29437
Broward County 3A: Major Roads – Lic# 0-1650-W
Prequalified Contractor by the Florida Department of Transportation
Technically certified by Miami-Dade County as an Architect & Engineering Firm
Pre-Qualified by Miami-Dade Water & Sewer as an Emergency Response Contractor

Licenses & Certifications Currently held by DMSI Key Personnel:

Qualified Business Organization – Lic# QB0008454
State of Florida Underground Utility - Lic# CU-C0442220
Broward County - Lic# 00-1650-W
Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor - Lic# CUC1224698