Port of Miami - Miami, FL

The Installation of approximately 9,740 LF of 42-inch ductile iron pipe and fittings; 42-inch mechanical joint resilient seated wedge fate valve; Venturi meter, including valve and fittings, manhole frame and cover, valve box, quick disconnect and concrete support slab; making an inline connection to a proposed 36-inch water main at Biscayne Boulevard; Approximately 260 LF of micro tunneling under the existing FEC railroad right-of-way, with steel casing, drill shafts, and proposed area of construction; approximately 4,600 LF of twin 30-inch HDPE HDD subaqueous channel crossing along Biscayne Bay from Bayside to Port of Miami. The replacement of Pump Station No. 9141; the existing 8-inch cast iron pipe force main that connects this pump station to the Department’s wastewater collection and transmission system. The 10-inch replacement force main pipeline installed between PS 9141 on the Port (Dodge Island) side to a point of connection of the mainland (City of Miami). This project includes furnishing and constructing air release valve assemblies; v-bio polyethylene encasement for ductile iron pipe and fittings; sheeting and shoring ordered left in place by the Engineer; additional suitable backfill; furnish all materials, equipment and supplies necessary for cleaning, testing and disinfecting the mains; removal of existing asphalt pavement and sod; including mobilization and demobilization, removal, transport and legal disposal of demolition material; traffic control; pavement markings and pavement damage by construction and all other appurtenant and miscellaneous items and work for a complete and fully functional installation.

Owner or Agency: Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department