Transmission & Distribution Mains

Throughout the careers of DMSI staff, they have installed millions of feet of pipe, including water main, sanitary sewer, drainage, force mains and re-use mains. We are experienced in all types of pipe materials (DIP, PVC, RCP, and PCCP ranging from 2”-120” in diameter) and systems that deliver the water from the source to the plant and on to the end user.

With our in-house staff which consists of Professional Engineers, Project managers and a full estimating team can also work with unique applications to develop special piping needs entailed towards the client’s needs. DMSI has the experience and expertise to meet your budget and schedule for the installation of deep, large diameter piping and neighborhood improvements.

Our extensive equipment fleet and ability to self-perform all of the work on a typical transmission and distribution main project, makes DMSI the best value for your pipeline project.

Projects DMSI and/or current staff members have performed (Included but not limited to)