Design-Build Installation of New Redundant 54-Inch Bypass Sewer Force Main Line

YEAR: 2020

PROJECT LOCATION: Along SE 10th Avenue, SE 9th Avenue, NE 11th Ave and NE 15th Avenue, from SE 18th Street going north to NE 9th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

SCOPE OF WORK: The Fort Lauderdale Emergency Design Build consisted of 15,000 LF of 54” HDPE Force Main. Roughly 11,200 LF of the installation is being completed by Horizontal Directional Drill, with 3,800 LF of 54” HDPE Open Cut, along with multiple pump station connections. This Project also includes two Sub-Aqueous crossings, with one being directionally drilled and one being performed open cut.


  • Constant Coordination with Ft Lauderdale as the team worked diligently to meet project schedule which allowed the most expeditious installation.
  • Existing Transmission Main has been at HIGH RISK of failure, DMSI has worked diligently to install the new main, designing “zones” where the Existing Transmission Main has been able to be taken “offline” prior to project completion. Utilizing these zones, the most critical areas have been shut off before the final zones were able to be designed.
  • Management of multiple crews completing: Large Diameter Open Cut, Small Diameter Open Cut, Trenchless Operations, MOT and Restoration, working simultaneously.
  • This Fast-Tracked Project was awarded in January 2020, and is on schedule to be completed June 2021. Incredibly fast paced for a project of this size.

City of Fort Lauderdale
100 N. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301