Design-Build Services for Two 24-Inch Directional Drills

YEAR: 2016


The scope of services for this project included the design and construction of 900 LF of 24-in FM and 24-in WM installed by HDD. The existing water and sewer mains that cross the Biscayne Canal were attached to an existing pedestrian bridge. These lines were in conflict with a proposed storm-sewer pump station that will be built in the northeast corner of the intersection of NE 131st ST and Griffin Blvd. therefore, these two lines will be replaced. The project included the installation of 450 LF of 24-in FM installed by HDD under the Biscayne Canal from Griffin Blvd to NE 2nd Ave. The new 24-in FM will be interconnected to the existing force mains on both sides of the canal. The project also encompasses 450 LF of 24-inch WM installed also by HDD, which also crosses the Biscayne Canal. The proposed WM has been permitted by FDEP an includes isolation valves, leak testing assemblies and interconnections to the existing water mains.

City of North Miami
776 NE 125 Street, North Miami, FL 33161