Emergency Culvert Replacement at SW 137 Ave and Bird Road

YEAR: 2020


Work under this contract consisted in performing all operations necessary to remove and replace or line existing 138” culvert with proposed 120-inch diameter culvert, inclusive of construction of required headwalls. Work also included the removal and replacement of guardrails, sidewalks, medians, inlet connections, utility relocation, roadway reconstruction, paving marking, traffic loops, sodding, including Maintenance of Traffic Mobilization and Demobilization cost to complete. During initial investigation, contractor had the option to repair the existing culvert or to show different value engineering methods, which will benefit the County, substantially reduce the cost and that will decrease inconvenience to the public.

Miami Dade County – Dept. of Transportation and PW
111 NW 1st Street, 15th Floor, Miami, FL 33128