Emergency Replacement of 48-Inch Force Main Crossing the Oleta River at NE 163rd Street

DATE: 2019


Construction of a 48- inch force main by Directional Drill, open-cut and Slip-lining methods. Existing linestop and 24-Inch HDPE Bypass was installed as part of the scope of work of RPQ P0231 to transferred to the new force main. Existing force main was leaking in the ICW. DMSI mobilized on an emergency basis and design and built a “pollution dome” to catch the leaking sewage and pump it back into the force main during long-lead material procurement. DMSI completed all slip-line repairs. Restore the work zone by completing pavement resurfacing and bringing pavement marking and signalization up to specifications.

MDC Water and Sewer Department
3575 S. LeJeune Road, Miami, FL 33146