FDOT – SR No. 907 Alton Road from 5th Street to Michigan Avenue

YEAR: 2013


The project includes the installation of approximately 15,200 linear feet of drainage piping from 12-inch to 60-lnch diameter; installation of approximately 40 inlets and 113 manholes and installation of outfall pipes to structures S-498 and S-499 on Dade Boulevard Canal. The project also consists of making connections to existing pipes and structures; furnishing and installing castings; cleaning, video; placing out of service existing drainage pipes of various diameters; furnishing additional suitable backfill materials up to proposed subgrade elevation; removal and disposal of unsuitable material including removal of all organic material (muck] as needed, dewatering for drainage piping and structure installation and installation of shoring and temporary sheet pile walls.

Drainage Disposal System Improvements on Alton Rood at 5th Street, 10th Street. 14th Street

The installation of (3) pump stations [20,000 GPM Axial Flow Pumps in each station) including installation of the associated concrete structures, pumps and accessories, connective piping and valves, and control panels. The installation of approximately 24 inlets and 25 manholes; installation of 1,800 linear feet of gravity stormwater collection piping ranging in size from 24-inch to 60-inch in diameter; installation of approximately 2,300 linear feet of 24″ and 36″ stormwater force main piping including permanent pavement trench restoration.

City of Miami Beach; FDOT; Bergeron (Prime)
19612 SW 69th Place Fort Lauderdale FL 33332