Regional Master Meter Improvements

YEAR: 2019


The Work set forth within this solicitation document includes the furnishing of all labor, materials,  equipment, services and incidentals including, but not limited to the silt fence, pot holing, pipe assemblies, flow tube meter assembly, sump pump, thrust collars, trench support, line stops, tapping sleeves and vales, piping, fittings, fencing, asphalt t, sidewalk, valve vault, pipe supports, electrical, control panels and Remote Telemetry Units ( RTUs), antenna, base station receiver system, component testing and start -up

services. The Work also includes all the associated civil and site work, project controls, verification field survey, and appurtenant work required for a complete and operable system.

Broward Water & Wastewater Engineering Division
2555 W. Copans Rd, Pompano Beach, FL 33069