Sunset Islands I & II Neighborhood Improvements Project

YEAR: 2011


This neighborhood improvement project is in the City of Miami Beach with identical geological ground conditions and maintenance of vehicular and pedestrian traffic as the proposed 54-inch Redundant Sewer Force Main on Euclid Avenue. The projects consisted of 10,800 LF of 8” water main, and over 150 water services, and complete rewiring of the street lighting system. David Mancini & Sons crew coordinated with FPL for all utility conflicts relocating their primary and secondary wiring. Several pipe tapping at several locations to tie in the new water main to the old system. Storm water collection and disposal consisted of 215 drainage structures, 9,578 LF of 15 through 24-inch drainage piping and (7) outfalls to the bay, which required muck removal. Site concrete work consisted of harmonizing over 130 custom driveways (ranging from Marble slab to asphalt) and 20,000 LF of valley gutter and 23,000 square yards of road re-construction. Limits for the pipe and structure excavation varied in depth from 5 through 12 feet, dewatering of trenches via pumps was utilized.

City of Miami Beach
1700 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139